Rochester, NY Professional Music Lessons

Interested in music lessons? Want to learn how to play the piano? Call The Roberts Community Music School today!

Rochester, NY Music LessonsThe Roberts Community Music School (RCMS) is dedicated to offering both adults and children throughout the Rochester, NY area the opportunity of learning music. We recently expanded our facilities and programs to better serve your musical learning's. Come and grow with us! We offer the following music lessons and programs:

Whether you are interested in learning how to play the guitar or need a vocal coach to help your singing voice, The Roberts Community Music School is dedicated to teaching individuals of all ages. No matter what level or skill you are, you can expect a nurturing yet challenging environment. For customized, private music instruction, contact our professional musicians/instructors today!

Our Music Facilities

Cox Hall

The Roberts Community Music School (RCMS) is honored to have beautiful facilities for music lessons and classes. Our primary music teaching facility is on campus. It is very comfortable and can be used year-round. The college has ventured to make our students music making experience enjoyable and productive.

Roberts Cultural Life Center

We are very blessed to be able to use Hale Auditorium and Shewan Recital Hall for both concerts & recitals. These facilities are both acoustically sounds and pleasurable for both the audience and the performers. The Cultural Life Center hosts all types of theatrical and musical performances. Roberts Community Music School encourages you to visit and attend as many events as possible.